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Dominican Republic Fractional Ownerships

Luxury Villas & High Value Real Estate

Playa Grande Investments (PGI) pioneered the establishment of properly structured independent fractional ownership programs in the Dominican Republic for luxury vacation villas and other high value real estate. PGI is at the forefront of fractional owner program development in the Dominican Republic. Our fractional owner programs for the Dominican Republic address the complex legal and tax issues often overlooked by “do it yourself” fractional models.

Real estate laws in the Dominican Republic do not address fractional ownership. So we have leverages decades of expertise in other fractional programs from around the world to create one viable for the Dominican Republic. Our fractional programs are specifically designed for DR – US ownership but can be tailored to meet the demands of any country.

What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional ownership in the Dominican Republic is the same as in any country; it is the owning of a percentage share of a high value asset, in this case real estate. Our fractional owner programs are designed to be very different from timeshare ownership or destination club memberships. The fractional ownerships we create give you a proportionate legal ownership in the asset along with the rights, privileges and responsibilities ownership awards.

The fractional residences and luxury villa fractional offerings in the Dominican Republic will provide you the ability to enjoy a more expensive property than you might otherwise be able to afford. Each luxury fractional is sold in “units” which vary from 1/2 to 1/10 of the total asset value. Typically, the fractional owner programs for Dominican Republic investments that we define will have from 2 to 10 individual owners.

Each fractional owner then gets to select their own time allotment taking into account those dates allocated to previous purchasers. So it is best to get into a fractional owner program early to allow you the choice of the best dates. However, the dates rotate annually so even if you are last in line you will eventually be able to select any dates you desire.

Why Participate in a Fractional?

There are many reasons savvy investors consider fractional ownership to be favorable to many other forms of vacation ownership models. In the Dominican Republic, our fractional ownership model allows you to enjoy all of the following:

  • Pride of Ownership – you actually own the property so you have the sense of pride in ownership of a luxury vacation destination. “I own that” is a powerful statement!
  • Value – the property you in which you invest as a fractional owner will likely be much more lavish, spacious and complete than anything you otherwise could afford alone. Imagine owning a fraction of a multi-million dollar beachfront vacation home for what your friends might be paying for a traditional condo. Plus all expenses such as maintenance, replacement, management, dues, etc are shared across all of the owners. That is real value!
  • Return on Investment – you have ownership of an asset that, historically for real estate, will appreciate in value. Rather than rent or only buying ‘time’ you will enjoy that asset appreciation.
  • Income Potential – when you are not using your asset you can rent it out to others and receive the rental income. So an investment becomes a cash flow generator!
  • Management – investing in a luxury vacation home requires someone to manage it and our Dominican Republic fractional ownership programs all have dedicated, professional property management.
  • Variety – all of the programs designed by PGI for fractional ownership in the Dominican Republic are designed to qualify for participation in a variety of exchange programs. Ask us which ones you desire and we will see if we can set it up.

Fractional Offerings

PGI concentrates our fractional offerings on those properties we feel are truly exceptional values. Our Dominican Republic fractional offerings are not associated with only one realtor, a single one broker or one captive developer. We provide our fractional ownership programs to all Dominican Republic realtors, lawyers, brokers and / or developers.

Click here: Dominican Republic Fractional Owner Offerings.   Tell us what you are interested in and how we can help you realize the dream of a fractional ownership of a luxury vacation villa in the Dominican Republic!

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