Dominican Republic real estate listings, villas for sale, ocean front and beachfront development lots for sale.
Learn about this Dominican Republic real estate agency located on the North Coast. Our ocean front real estate listings, investment property for sale, luxury villas for sale, condos for sale and beachfront development lots for sale. The Dominican Republic, Rio San Juan, Playa Grande, Abreu, Cabrera, La Entrada, Nagua and more. Unique offshore real estate investment financing options. Dominican Republic real estate, real estate laws and real estate regulations. Contact Playa Grande Real Estate to learn more about our Dominican Republic real estate offerings.
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Featured Real Estate Listings in the Dominican Republic.

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Dominican Republic Real Estate Listings
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Welcome to Playa Grande Investments, possibly your favorite north coast realtor in the Dominican Republic and typically we go by the name Playa Grande Real Estate. MSNBC, the New York Times, and many other major media outlets have identified the Dominican Republic as one of the fastest growing real estate opportunities in the Caribbean. Investments have been hot and heavy along the south and eastern coasts of the Dominican Republic and now the north coast is poised to explode as its unique beauty is discovered.

We are here to help you realize the most of your Caribbean real estate investments in the Dominican Republic. We are a professional real estate agency in the Dominican Republic located in the town of Cabrera. We specialize in properties for sale in Cabrera, Abreu, Playa Grande and Rio San Juan to help maximize your real estate investments. Our real estate listings in the Dominican Republic concentrate along the north coast and we have affiliates throughout the country who are specialists in those areas.

Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic is a straightforward process not that much different from the United States, Canada or Europe. Foreigners are allowed to own property directly, property titles can even have title insurance if they qualify, and we recommend the process be thoroughly vetted through your own attorney for piece of mind. If you want to know more, we have a great list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Cabrera Real Estate for Sale

Cabrera is a magical oceanfront, rural community located along the pristine northern coast of the Dominican Republic. The town derives most of its income from agricultural endeavors instead of tourism so the income levels are steadier here for the Dominicans, thus allowing a nicer lifestyle. The town reflects it as the people are exceptionally nice, the streets are cleaner and a full range of services are available.

Cabrera real estate is some of the most desirable Dominican real estate available on the north coast. Gated communities such as the prestigious Orchid Bay Estates offer beachfront properties, sea cliff property for sale and luxury villas for sale. We have the largest selection of real estate for sale in Cabrera and multi-lingual real estate agents to help you in your viewing and purchasing of real estate in Cabrera.

Foreign investment in real estate has increased quite a bit over the past several years. Plans on the drawing boards for other gated communities, beachfront condos and other uses are just waiting for the right time to unfold. To us, the right time is when the Playa Grande Reserve and Club is developing…which is happening now! Prices will soar after the Aman Resort has been erected so if you want to invest you should do it now.

Abreu Property for Sale

The budding community of Abreu is technically part of Cabrera but is rapidly becoming a city unto itself with its own identity and real estate investment profile. Many feel Abreu real estate will surpass Cabrera in the future as the nearby Playa Grande Reserve and Club is developed further with the Aman Resort. Additionally, very upscale, gated communities such as Sea Tree Estates offer amazing oceanfront development lots and property for sale unparalleled on the north coast. The hillsides of Abreu, rising over 200' above sea level, provide exceptionally gorgeous sweeping ocean vistas at a fraction of the cost of other 'Farallones' (hills) real estate investments.

Playa Grande Real Estate

Playa Grande Reserve and Club has begun development through their partnership with Aman Resorts. This $400 million dollar development will change the face of this part of the north coast in a very positive way for those who have invested here. Land is available for sale nearby and overlooking the magnificent Robert Trent Jones, Sr designed golf course, or where the smaller villas, condos and the boutique hotel will be located.

Although we are not affiliated with Playa Grande Reserve and Club we do share similar names because we both took the name from the famous Playa Grande Beach. The Playa Grande Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, honest! It is encompassed by the Playa Grande Reserve and Club but remains a public beach accessible by all for your enjoyment.

Real Estate in Rio San Juan

Real estate in Rio San Juan offers an equally interesting investment opportunity for the discriminating investor seeking to capture Dominican Republic real estate at an exceptional value. Rio San Juan is best known for its amazing beaches, the famous Gri-Gri Lagoon and the warm friendly people. One of the larger ex-pat communities in town is predominantly from France so already there are some very nice restaurants in town.

Investing in real estate in Rio San Juan offers excellent upside potential; beachfront development lots, secluded hillside retreats, lavish luxury villas for sale and much more. Playa Grande Real Estate is well versed in Rio San Juan realty and our agents, some of whom live in Rio San Juan, are here to help you explore and select that special piece of tropical paradise.

Dominican Republic Real Estate Presentation

To help you better appreciate and understand this portion of the Dominican Republic we have created a short presentation. If you are interested in receiving the presentation in Adobe .PDF format, please contact us with the request.

Dominican Republic real estate listings, villas for sale, ocean front and beachfront development lots for sale.
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